Gatsby is a start-up project!

Since the beginning of 2014 the project GATSBY-LEIPZIG, conceptualized by the Internist Dr. Volker Weidinger and his nephew Elmar Zapf, has continued to grow steadily.

With a total of three buildings the duo desires to provide a completely new concept of shared flats in Leipzig, that does not yet exist in such a form.

The concept aims to provide a platform for students and young people, in which they live together, learn, celebrate and hang out. And all of that in legit, top-equipped apartments. Incidentally gives Gatsby its residents the opportunity to put their own ideas and passions into their own projects/ parties or contribute to the in-house café, led by the former ARD-actress Cheryl Shepard.

The ones living in Gatsby-buildings should be able to benefit prospectively. Collaborations with food stores and bike shops, libraries and bars,are planned in which Gatsby-residents will enjoy exclusive advantages thanks to discounts or special conditions. Due to the resident-account on the Gatsby website, Gatsby's residents are enabled to manage their lives in their shared apartments easily. As to whether you want to check your rental cost overview, information about current events inside the Gatsby-buildings and throughout Leipzig or want to book the sauna or the event room - All that can simply be done on the internet. Later on it will be possible to communicate via an app with other Gatsby residents and get to know the community of Gatsby better.

And then maybe in other cities throughout Germany!

You want to know more about us and the project or have suggestions on how we can improve things?

Then send us your feedback or contact us here.

Your Gatsby-team